Since childhood, Dean Roupas has enjoyed going to baseball games. The only thing more exciting than going to a baseball game for Dean has been when the Roupas family would go to the library together. At the library is where Dean first got heavily involved in books. Math and writing were some of Dean’s best subjects in school. This then helped him further launch his interest into the financial field, and eventually with Roupas & Roupas Accounting in Palos, Illinois. The business has been serving the Chicago area and has a plethora of satisfied clients who genuinely value an excellent place to take their taxes.


“With over 25 years of experience, clients have trusted me. The clients get accurate and reliable accounting information. Mainly, My knowledge includes bookkeeping. Also, I handle payroll support and annual financial services.

I’m licensed to practice in Illinois. Consequently, it has gained my name a reputation as a professional. To summarize, my name reflects as someone who provides quality work and personal attention to his clients.” – Dean Roupas
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Proven History

A writer and accountant must have a history of being known for a certain quality. To summarize, Dean is known to be extremely passionate about more than his business. He also cares about the businesses of his clients. He makes his business to enhance their business.

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“Working with Dean, is the first time that I feel ‘caught up’ with the accounting side of things. Therefore, this have made me more financially confident”- Melisa

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An Excellent choice for writing and accounting is..

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.. Dean Roupas!

Do you want your accountant to offer a different accounting style? “Also, every client is unique as so is their concerns. Naturally, the interests; it’s my job to learn about you, your business and how to best serve you. Besides, my team of professionals and I have a wide range of marketing experience. Secondly, we are all very educated. Thus, continuing professional training is essential. We are in over 40 hours of authorized accounting. Additionally, we go to tax seminars, conferences, and other educational updates every year.

Community Involvement

Firstly, Dean says: “Helping others is the whole idea behind becoming an accountant. In fact, one could say that everything done in my profession, in one way or another, helps others. Furthermore, it’s my firm belief that as accountants, we should go beyond our regular job. So, helping people plan for their financial future is what we do. Preparing tax returns helps to understand the mystery behind the financial statements. Furthermore, it makes people stay out of trouble. This means people are better able to manage their businesses.

So, whether it’s understanding personal income taxes or choosing the right investments. To summarize, many Americans lack the knowledge to keep up with laws. Additionally, some also don’t have the confidence to make smart decisions about their retirement.”

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“Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Dean Roupas as a very qualified CPA for general accounting, tax and audit engagements. It has been a pleasure working with him and I intend to do so in the future.”– Holly

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“Dean is without a doubt the most helpful, straightforward and accommodating accountant I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”- Justine

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“I lost a couple of years trying to get a handle on my bookkeeping and accounting. It’s really nice to have it figured out. And no surprise bills. Thanks Dean”- David

Next Steps…

Need a new accountant? Let’s talk about your business. Dean says “I’m happy to help with your needs.” A complimentary review is sometimes offered. As a result, that might be all that is needed to understand a variety of tax issues or other revenue problems that arise within businesses.

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